Plugins that make WordPress a better platform and paves way for more opportunities!

With an humungous number as 60,000+ plugins, in the wordpress repository, it becomes very difficult to choose from such a large pool of plugin options! Now, not all of these plugins have regular updates or upgrades. So, they might not be suitable for certain types of websites after a point.

So, to try and simplify this, on what plugins are commonly used and focusing on the most popular plugins on wordpress! With a arguably good analysis, we have identified a list of plugins that have been downloaded on wordpress.org, time and again.

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Listed below are some of the most commonly used/downloaded Plugins on Wordpress,

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Jetpack
  3. Akismet
  4. Wordfence Security
  5. Contact form 7
  6. Woocommerce
  7. Google analytics for wordpress
  8. All in one SEO pack
  9. Elementor
  10. WPForms

Yoast SEO

The world of SEO can be overwhelming. But with Yoast SEO plugin, you can take the back seat and let it do the job! Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that improves your website’s rankings on search engines, by helping you optimize your website’s content and keywords. A lot of what Yoast SEO does is automated and it’s free. Plus, this plugin gives you a score and tells you the issues at hand and how to improve your content for SEO purposes. It’s hard to find a website that doesn’t have this plugin and if we’re right about this, we’d say close to a 40+ million websites use this plugin.


Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress utility that works together seamlessly to bring security, backup, performance improvements and other functionalities to a WordPress site. The advantage of Jetpack is that a publisher/developer can have multiple must-have functionalities without having to worry that 5 different plugins may or may not work well together. Among its various features, you can find site analytics, automated social media posting, multiple WordPress themes, spam filtering, downtime monitoring, malware scanning, login securitylazy image loadingCDN, and more.


Akismet is a free anti-spam plugin, included by default on any new WordPress installation. It automatically checks all comments and messages from contact forms, then filters out those that look like spam. With over 5 million active installationsit is the most popular anti-spam plugin in the official directory of wordpress. This plugin is not only good for automation but also a great plugin for security purposes as it doesn’t allow any malicious content to be published on the website. Thus, proving to be a reliable security-based plugin.

Wordfence Security

The Wordfence security is a Security plugin that prevents any root cause to malicious activities on the website. It offers several features to protect your installation, including an application firewall, a malware scanner, two-factor authentication, and protection against brute force attacks. Wordfence is also called Wordfence free, because it is a free plugin but also offers paid services with useful features. Another Plus about Wordfence is that, it alerts every time some suspicious activity happens on the site, which keeps us on track on what’s happening.

Contact Form 7

Easy to use, free, efficient and can be used by absolutely everyone, this popular plugin helps us create simple and user-friendly contact forms for our website, quickly. It is a highly flexible plugin that helps us fight against spam content. And it is one of the most popular plugins in the official directory of wordpress. Contact Form 7 keeps us informed on all spam or malware content that will keep us protected via Akismet or reCAPTCHA. With such features, we can expect a full-fledged security system in place with the use of this Plugin.


WooCommerce helps you sell products and services from your WordPress site. It’s a free WordPress plugin with additional features available as extensions. WooCommerce is made by Automattic, the corporate arm of WordPress, so it is undoubtedly the safest option. Specifically, it makes selling products and services affordable and accessible. You can sell digital and physical products, manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and sort taxes automatically. This plugin offers 100% control over all the data, there’s support for mobile devices, and the potential to scale the websites is limitless.

Google analytics for Wordpress

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is a plugin that makes the connection between your WordPress site and Google Analytics easier. The plugin offers quick and powerful integration if you simply copy and paste the tracking code to your site. After you do this, the plugin starts to work. A plus feature is that you can monitor the stats without leaving your dashboard because it imports the numbers from Analytics to your WordPress admin area. This way, we lose no data and can also continue to use the website without a pause because all the work happens in the background.

All in one SEO Pack

SEO is a vast topic and also very overwhelming. This All-in-One SEO Pack is created to help both beginners and advanced users alike, including developers, to help build improved and rich performing sites. Apart from the basic SEO instructions for content optimization, this plugin also offers XML sitemap, Google Analytics, and Google AMP support. This plugin also provides SEO integration for e-commerce websites. Anyone and everyone can use this plugin.


It is without a doubt that everyone wants an aesthetic landing, essentially. This plugin lets you build customized pages independent of what the current theme allows you to do as such. This plugin gives a visual design interface where you can craft your page from scratch or use one of the available templates. If we want full control over the design aspect of our website, then Elementor is the one.


WPForms is one of the must-have WordPress plugins. If we want to add a fancy form to the WordPress site, this plugin lets you do it in a few clicks. WPForms allows us to create a stable contact form using a simple drag-and-drop interface. This plugin is mainly for the people who want to achieve agendas without the help of hiring developers.

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