How does integrating applications with Zoho CRM rocket sales of products & services? – An overview

Bridging seamless connectivity between your Zoho CRM & third party applications is what this integration is all about! CRM plays a vital role in any business, is a strategic tool used by businesses across the globe and make this tool their leverage into understanding the needs of the clients. But, to meet the different requirements of different clients, we need to be fully equipped with technologies at hand on the basis of this integration!


What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a popular software that efficiently manages your critical customer relations. It streamlines and automates your sales, marketing, and other support from a single platform with an omni-channel work system. This software is user-friendly and with the right set of tools alongside, Zoho CRM accelerates your business towards a bigger goal!

Some of the key features that highlight the Zoho CRM software,

  1. Multichannel Engagement
  • Zoho CRM ensures multiple client connections via multiple channels like email, telephone, social media platforms, live chat, and portals.
  • The Zoho SalesInbox offers integration with all the leading email companies including Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. and synchronizes with the email campaigns
  • With Zoho CRM, you can personalize your customer service with custom-made messages and notifications!
  • The Zoho live chat converts website visitors into potential clients.
  1. The Virtual Intelligence assistant

Zia is the chatbot offered by Zoho CRM that communicates with built-in intelligence, it predicts leads, sales trends, and deals and automates the process!

Performance and analytics report of Zia – Source Google

  • Analytics
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Real time Reports
  • Sales Reports
    • Sales person's performance report
    • Deals closing this month
    • Pipeline by stage & probability
    • Revenue this month
  • Marketing Reports
    • Sales cycle duration across lead source
    • Campaigns revenue
    • Leads who visited your website
    • Leads by keyword
    • Deals closed from Google AdWords campaign leads
  • Activity Reports
    • Live chats answered this month
    • Check-ins by sales person
    • Lead conversion across owners
  1. Salesforce Automation

Zoho provides you with the right set of tools so your business can keep functioning smoothly, saving everyone the time, money & efforts. This is one of the prime features of Zoho CRM.

  1. Collaborative Team Effort

Zoho ensures that the team is collaborative at every step of progress with list of functions/support applications that keep the business up and running!

  • Document Library – One place for all repository
  • Gamescope – to keep the healthy competition game strong among the team
  • Calendar – a calender to keep you on the loop
  • Tagging and Chat – Direct your messages or documents to any particular individual with this tool and convey what needs to be, with the right person.
  • Event Integration – Host events that are accessible to everyone!
  1. Complete Security

Customer security is the priority for Zoho CRM and it is handled with effective steps with advanced encryption standards to encrypt and decrypt data. No information is open to access without authorization.

  1. Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM offers easy connect to the other application through third-party integration. You can connect to Google Drive, DocuSign, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads, MailChimp, HubThunder, Adobe Sign, PandaDoc, and many more with REST services.

 While navigation lists last on the features of zoho CRM, it is also one of the most anticipated features of this software. Why?

Are you looking for a CRM system that only accelerates your business more and more? With an integration supportive system at hand, the orchestration of workflows enables smart system and improves the overall productivity of the business. This seamless integration of third-party applications with the Zoho CRM platform ensures right data at the right time and activates all the key CRM patterns across all the integrated applications.

Cohesive integrations such as this, advances the functionality of the businesses, thus improving employee productivity and ultimately improving the customer experience. The customer experience we all look forward to having and giving!

With CRM integration comes, Integrated benefits! That’s right!

Why would we emphasize on a feature unless it’s giving?

  • Customer Communications
  • Phone communication
  • Live chatbots – zia
  • Email communications
  • Project management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales and marketing analytics
  • Real time reports
  • Contact management
  • Case management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales automation
  • Work approvals
  • Social media management
  • Personal and Business Calendar Sync
  • Mobile Devices and Applications
  • Sync and Share files
  • Call Center Automation
  • Management of contracts and proposals
  • E-commerce Systems
  • Opportunity to Quote process:
  • Opportunity to Order process:
  • Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)
  • Event Management
  • CRM Access Management
  • Sales Performance
  • Forms and Surveys Data Collection

While some of these benefits are accessible without integration, the integration applications brings in added advantage which keeps in the best interest of the business and the software!

In Summary

Businesses keep expanding and the need for a rock solid integration within a trust worthy software is what elevates the team to the next big step!

The Zoho CRM introduced on Workiy, provides feature rich customer relation management services valuable to our clients. We put our best foot forward when we assure you results & with our expert team at play, we promise you nothing less than what your business deserves.

Connect with our team today to discuss opportunities, possibilities & how you can acquire our services to make business the one!


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