WordPress - Attracts millions of users and powers the majority of websites

WordPress attracts millions of users and powers the majority of websites worldwide. For people and businesses who want to build their own website, they go for WordPress as their first choice as it is the most popular content managements system (CMS) in today's market.

While it's primarily known for powerful blogs, this website-building platform can cater to multiple different purposes like creating portfolios, online stores and so on. With the correct set of skills, budget and tools as users we will be able to construct and build any site that we want according to our requirement and needs.


Why Does WordPress Website structure matter?

The structure of your website is crucial for its usability and find-ability. A clear structure guides your visitors to the information they’re looking for. It also gives Google and other search engines a better understanding of your website, which is incredibly important for ranking.

Your WordPress website structure affects the user experience (UX) significantly. If visitors can easily find the products or information they’re looking for, they’re likely to stick around or become regular visitors. To reduce your sites’ bounce rate, make navigating easy by categorizing and linking your posts and products.

Site structure and technical SEO

  1. It helps search bots understand your site.
  2. You will avoid the effects of competing content on your website
  3. Index your content faster, leading to a higher ranking on SERPs.

Prepare the Groundwork

  1. Select your domain name.
  2. Prepare to visually map your website. 

A visual foundation for your web structure is a great starting point

  1. Header navigation menu
  2. Sidebar navigation
  3. Footer navigation
  4. Pages
  5. Blog categories

WordPress is a highly customizable platform, suitable for many different website needs. Additionally, it’s highly scalable, making it a perfect fit for small personal blogs to large enterprise websites.

A Deeper Look Into WordPress 

Why choose WordPress?

  1. Open-Source

WordPress is open-source software – users can install, modify, and distribute it however they want. Since the source code is accessible to everyone, millions of WordPress experts and developers can create tools and extensions and share them with the public.

  1. Fast and reliable

To maintain a good user experience having a fast website is the key. When your page load time increases from one to four, the website's bounce rate also increases to 32%.

           By choosing the right web hosting and using a light weight WordPress theme you can speed up your website.

  1. Full Control

Another benefit of using WordPress instead of other website builders is that you get full control and ownership of your site. Unlike services like Wix or Square Space, WordPress lets its users access and modify code to shape their websites according to their needs.

  1. Customizable

Customizing how your website looks is also easy using the wide range of WordPress themes. You will definitely find a theme that suits your purpose, be it a portfolio, company profile, or forum website.

  1. SEO-Friendly

When it comes to gaining sustainable traffic to your website Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important part. using a website platform that works well with various search engines and SEO tools can be highly beneficial. WordPress comes with various built-in SEO capabilities that work well with Google and other search engines.

  1. Security

At workiy, we keep in mind the best interest of our clients, financially and opportunistically. Every service we deploy, is based on the requirements, gains, & under the cut.

WordPress has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. Applying updates is a breeze, adding new pages, blog posts, images and so on. The time spent on formatting is very much reduced as it's technology is simple!

  1. No HTML Editing - Being a self-contained system WordPress does not need ang HTML editing software.
  2. Multiple User support - You can assign multiple users for your website and assign capabilities and access levels to each of them.
  3. Extended Functionality - Using plug-ins WordPress makes it possible to add event calenders, video galleries, facebook fan box, twitter feed and so on to your site.
  4. Frequent updates - developers update WordPress themes with new features, bug fixes, and, most importantly, security patches. We recommend choosing a WordPress theme that has been updated in the last six months.
  5. Highly Versatile - Even though WordPress was built as a personal publishing platform it allows creating various kinds of websites.

Your site can grow as your business grows. Let's take a look at some of the benifits of using WordPress and why you should use this platform.

  1. Manage Your Website From Anywhere

We will be able to login from any internally connected system and manage the webpage as WordPress is browser-based.

  1. Search Engins Love WordPress Sites

Search engins find it easy to index and read the codes behind WordPress as they are very simple and clean. It also has its own meta tag keywords on each page, post and image help furter enhance your SEO optimization efforts.

  1. Active Community

As many websites around the world are powered by WordPress, it has a large community of users. Memebers of the community actively come up with new developments to use the CMS more efficently.

  1. Perfect for eCommerce

Businesses use WordPress to build any kind of website that include complex cCommerce sites. With the best suited theme for your site you can build your webpage and sell to a larger market.

  1. Dashicons in WordPress

WordPress Dashicons are scalable and lightweight, they're perfect for spicing up your website's design without hurting the page speed.

In Summary

Up-to 455 million websites use WordPress as their content management system. WordPress also dominates 64.2% of the CMS market share. At Workiy, our expert WordPress developers offer top rate management services assisting you in the transformation of your website. We make sure you use all the features to the fullest and unlock your true potential!

Connect with our team today to discuss opportunities, possibilities & how you can acquire our services to make business the one!


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