Scale your e-commerce operations and improve your online presence.

Shopify Plus

Let our experts help you scale your e-commerce operations with Shopify Plus and enhance your online customer experience.

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, enterprise-level e-commerce platform designed for high-volume and fast-growing businesses. It is a comprehensive solution that offers robust features and tools to help us efficiently manage your online stores and scale your business operations. Shopify Plus provides a highly customizable and scalable infrastructure that enables us to handle complex product catalogs, multi-channel sales, and high-traffic volumes with ease.

With its intuitive user interface, flexible API, and enterprise-grade security and reliability, Shopify Plus empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, maximize revenue, and streamline their workflows.

  • Scalability to handle high volumes of traffic and sales
  • Enhanced customization options to create unique storefronts and personalized customer experiences
  • Advanced features for wholesale businesses, including custom pricing and bulk ordering.
  • Enhanced security to protect customer data and ensure reliability
  • Centralized dashboard for multi-store management
  • Access to advanced APIs for seamless integrations with other systems
  • Robust analytics and reporting to track performance and identify opportunities for growth
  • 24/7 customer support and dedicated account management to ensure success and support growth
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This platform also provides enhanced security features, including Level 1 PCI compliance, ensuring that customer data is protected and secure. With Shopify Plus, you can benefit from centralized multi-store management, seamless integrations with other systems, robust analytics and reporting, and 24/7 customer support and dedicated account management to ensure success and support growth.


Ultimately, Shopify Plus is a powerful and flexible solution that can help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their e-commerce goals and succeed in today's competitive online marketplace.

Shopify plus
Scale your e-commerce operations & improve your online presence.

Let our experts help you scale your e-commerce operations with Shopify Plus and enhance your online customer experience.

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, enterprise-level e-commerce platform designed for high-volume and fast-growing businesses. It is a comprehensive solution that offers robust features and tools to help us efficiently manage your online stores and scale your business operations.


Shopify Plus is designed to support high-volume businesses and can handle rapid growth without compromising performance. The platform is built to scale as your business grows, making it an ideal choice for ambitious merchants.



Shopify Plus provides a wide range of customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their store's design, functionality, Read more


Improved Cost-efficiency

While Shopify Plus may have a higher monthly cost than other Shopify plans, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. This is because Shopify Plus includes several advanced features and support services that can help businesses reduce their operational costs and increase their revenue.


Shopify Store Configuration
Storefront Design and Customization

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Migration Services

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Up-to-date reports
Analytics and Reporting

Shopify Plus Analytics and Reporting is a suite of powerful tools and features offered by Shopify Plus that allows...Read more

Shopify POS Development
Custom Development Service

By providing these services, our developers can help Shopify Plus customers to create custom solutions that meet...Read more

Faster time to market
Set-up Marketing Tools

Shopify Plus marketing tools are designed to help business promote their e-commerce business and drive sales...Read more

Our Clients

We are committed to transforming our client’s businesses & drive their growth is our responsibility.

Interior Health Authority

Caring is at the heart of who we are. We strive to live out our vision: Health and well-being for all, as we deliver hospital, community and long-term care services to the over 834,000 people across British Columbia’s southern Interior region. For more than 20 years, Interior Health has worked together with partners and communities, inspired by innovation and the pursuit of a healthier tomorrow.

Read more

Provincial Health Services Authority

PHSA has a unique role in BC's health authority system: to ensure that B.C. residents have access to a coordinated provincial network of high-quality specialized health-care services.

Read more

City of Burnaby

Burnaby is a great place to live, learn, work and play. We are committed to strengthening our overall well-being and growing into the future as a liveable, vibrant and sustainable community. Burnaby works to facilitate an engaged and active citizenry, a healthy economy and a real respect for the natural environment.

Read more

Fraser Health Authority

Fraser Health is responsible for the delivery of hospital and community-based health services to over 1.9 million people in 20 diverse communities from Burnaby to Fraser Canyon on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the Coast Salish and Nlaka’pamux Nations, and is home to six Métis Chartered Communities.

Read more

Vancouver Coastal Health

VCH is responsible for the delivery of $4.1 billion in community, hospital and long-term care services to more than one million people in communities including Richmond, Vancouver, the North Shore, Sunshine Coast, Sea to Sky corridor, Powell River, Bella Bella and Bella Coola. VCH also provides specialized care and services for people throughout BC and is the province's hub of health care education and research.

Read more


We’re about unearthing results that change the way we humans live. Complete optimization of life through cutting edge technology, products and services that educate & deliver. For what’s life if we don’t have time & quality? Jevitty defines our true potential, pushing the limits on the human lifespan.

Read more

Spiced Pear Health

At Spiced Pear Health, we want you to be in charge of your body, and mind, as you go through the menopause. We want you to be seen and heard as an individual and equipped with all the information and options that are relevant to you so that you can achieve your full potential in life.

Read more

Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is a federation of 21 municipalities, one electoral area, and one treaty First Nation that collaboratively plans for and delivers regional-scale services.

Read more

Case Studies

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With Shopify Plus, we can seamlessly integrate with multiple payment gateways and offer our customers the convenience and security they deserve.

Integrations are a critical aspect of…

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Pawel Odrzygozdz

With standout responsiveness, Workiy quickly implemented all requested changes. Their flexibility extended to expanding the scope and absorbing extra costs to deliver much needed features. Customers can expect a committed partner that is dedicated to delivering on all client needs. They’re very transparent and use Teamwork. Throughout the project there were around seven change requests and Workiy handled them well. Ravi and the whole Workiy team goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer gets what they need. When we made our scope expansion request, they absorbed about $5,000 of cost since we didn’t have the funding but truly required the feature.

Laura Hudani

We have been working with Workiy for the last 18 months and have found them to be a reliable and professional supplier. Their proposed consultants are of high quality and are delivered on time as promised. The company is easy to work with and their customer service is responsive and helpful. Overall, we are satisfied with our experience working with Workiy and would recommend them to others.

Mark Lier

Workiy has provided great service to Interior Health. Workiy was able to translate our requirements into a website that met our needs. The site has been well received by the Organization and the site owner is happy with the functionality of the Drupal platform. We continue to work closely with Workiey on enhancing the site and they have been very responsive to our requests. They’ve also been very patient as requirements change. They are an active participant in meetings where requirements are being discussed and they regularly show progress on the tasks that have been assigned.

Jonathan Hamelin

I’m the content webmaster for, a website rebuilt by Workiy. I’m very satisfied with how the website operates. I had worked with WordPress before, and I love how Drupal’s back-end editing function operates in a similar way, yet overall, the platform is more sophisticated in the features you can introduce. I did not need much training to handle many aspects of the site: uploading files, editing and creating new pages, building landing pages, linking pages to the website menu, going directly into pages and inputting keywords to help their searchability, and creating/add visual blocks to pages.

Pawel Odrzygozdz

Project Manager, Interior Health Authority

Laura Hudani

Team Lead, Project Controls

Mark Lier

Manager, Collaboration Systems

Jonathan Hamelin

Communications Consultant, Web & Digital Marketing

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