Spiced Pear Health

Spiced Pear Health

Wellness-Build and maintain a robust website that is of immense help to people affected with Healthcare Client and Seizure disorders


Implemented Unified Omni Channel experience and user engagement strategies.

  • Implemented Acquia Lift Personalization to increase site engagement and user conversion.
  • Implemented Drupal Chat system to increase customer engagement


Business Problem

Built a platform that can build progressive customer profiles, a socialized user profile (integrate login with Gigya), Gigya comments sections to develop customer centric experience solutions

  • Implemented panels for the editor better experience.
  • Build the workbench functionality for the multiple level of editors.
  • Reduced time to market by increasing reusability.
  • Optimized all sites to load in 3 seconds.
Our Approach
  • Workiy Team proposed a solution to address the immediate requirement and then took a strategic consulting approach to build an efficient website.                   
  • Workiy Team performed an assessment on their digital property to identify problem areas pertaining to Performance, SEO, Architecture, Security, Coding standards, Configuration, Management etc. to provide short term and long-time solutions.          
  • With Acquia and Drupal, Workiy Team development team helped Healthcare Client build code components that can be reused in the future.   
  • Platform Re-Engineering (Redesign UI Architecture, Multisite Architecture, Module Architecture)
  • Workiy Team creative team worked in designing the theme and various sections to get a better user experience
  • Improved user engagement by delivering personalized content based on user behaviour using Acquia lift   
Customer Outcomes
  • Reduced time to market (2 months to 1 week)                  
  • Touch count increased by 1X after personalization through Acquia lift integration                           
  • Workiy Team improved the application performance by 190% and reduced the page load speed from 12 seconds to less than 3 seconds 
  • Organic traffic increased 31% by Site Architecture, Taxonomy, SEO Enablement in Drupal platform
  • Cost of application maintenance decreased by 36% through Common Code Library concept         
  • Decreased the developer dependency by 50% using panelized module
  • A gradual increase in number of registered users after improving user journey
  • Making the platform modular to integrate new technology capacities like AI, Chat Bots and Voice (Alexa, Google assistant, Windows voice system etc…) into CMS & other dependent applications.                            
  • After the launch, the site was able to witness the below results:
    • Organic Traffic increased by 31%. New users increased by 24%. Page views increased by 21%
    • There was an overall increase in CTR, average time spent on website and hence increase user conversions



Increase in user registrations

More Results Achieved

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