Upgrading your versions of Ruby on Rails upgrades the support & maintenance I has to offer to the users and here’s how.


Most companies are respresented as e-commerce platforms, mostly built on Ruby on Rails 4.2 or higher. Now, assuming these companies has been using this version of Ruby on Rails for several years & has built a large codebase around it. But an upgrade to Ruby on Rails 6.0 is required in order to take advantage of its new features and performance improvements. Here’s how.

Introducing Ruby on Rails – better support and maintenance with better upgrades.

Any e-commerce platform must provide a reliable source of relevant information that will help people connect to the resources they need. This will help in connecting the right clients with the right businesses.

While upgrading to a newer version of Ruby on Rails can pose challenges, careful planning and execution can lead to significant benefits in terms of improved performance, security, and access to new features.

Ruby on Rails helps you manage your websites and used for creating high performance web platforms.

Business Problem

Workiy brings in expert teams to address challenges faced by companies, when they don’t have an upgrade with Ruby on Rails. Common challenges are,

  • Compatibility Issues: One of the main challenges that Companies face during the upgrade process was compatibility issues with their existing codebase.
  • Some of the custom plugins and extensions may not be compatible with Ruby on Rails 6.0. So either update these plugins or find suitable replacements, are the options.
  • Database Migrations: The upgrade process also required several database migrations to ensure compatibility with the new version of Ruby on Rails. This requires careful planning and execution to avoid any data loss or corruption.

Gem Dependencies: Upgrading to a newer version of Ruby on Rails also required updating many of the gem dependencies used in the applications of the companies

Our Approach
  • Workiy team helped multiple companies with their upgrades so they can have better support and maintenance from Ruby on Rails. An insight on the approach we take forward,
  • Planning and Preparation - The first step in the upgrade process was planning and preparation.
  • The team reviews the release notes for Ruby on Rails 6.0 and identifies the potential compatibility issues.
  • They also create a detailed plan for the upgrade process, including a timeline and testing strategy.
  • Updating Dependencies: The team then starts by updating the gem dependencies to the latest versions that are compatible with Ruby on Rails 6.0.
  • They test each dependency thoroughly to ensure that it works correctly with the new version.
  • Code Refactoring: Next, the team goes through their existing codebase and refactors any code that is no longer supportive with Ruby on Rails 6.0.
  • Database Migrations: The team then carefully executed the required database migrations to ensure that all data was migrated correctly to the new version of Ruby on Rails.
  • Testing: The team conducts thorough testing of the upgraded application to ensure that it is functioning correctly and all new features are working as expected.
Customer Outcomes
  • Improved Performance: The upgrade to Ruby on Rails 6.0 results in significant performance improvements for any company’s application.
  • Pages load faster and response times improves, resulting in a better user experience for their customers.
  • Improved Security: Ruby on Rails 6.0 includs several security updates and improvements that helps to protect Company’s application against new threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Access to New Features: Upgrading to Ruby on Rails 6.0 also gives the Company access to several new features and improvements that they can use to enhance their application's functionality and user experience.

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