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Now Get Your Cloud Managed Services - Migration from On-site to Azure Cloud


As time moved on, their systems were becoming hard to maintain and scale. After, a serious disaster in the data center required a multi-year large investment to migrate the systems to a different cloud infrastructure.

The client was facing challenges in upgrading to a modern and cloud ready infrastructure, which will allow them to reduce costs and increase the ability to scale

The client was looking for a service that would empower them to easily move all of their services to a cloud platform, without downtime, without any interruption and without any knowledge of the underlying infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Service is a simple, flexible and cost-effective service that allows clients to seamlessly migrate their entire infrastructure to the cloud

Business Problem

The client was having a challenge in maintaining their current legacy infrastructure. The increased traffic to their website and the need for constant downtime to release a new feature was not a pleasant experience for their users. Scaling the on-perm system was costly and time-consuming; procuring new servers took longer, and they had to invest upfront Capex for future demand. The client wanted to leverage cloud economics of scale, scalable architecture, and flexible ways to scale the server up or down. The entire solution should be cost-effective.

Key client asks:

  1. Migrate from on-perm to cloud
  2. Cost effective cloud solution
  3. Ability to scale up or down with demand
Our Approach

We started the engagement with a small cloud solution POD team with a Cloud Infra Lead, Cloud Architect, and Full stack cloud developer to do a detailed cloud readiness assessment of the client application ecosystem.

The team created a detailed assessment report that included cloud anti-patterns, tech debt incompatible with cloud migration, cloud infra structure active-active design, and a cloud-native target state architecture. Our expert team provided a detailed recommendation on which components can be rehosted, which required refactoring and parts that need rearchitecting for the client's future needs. We also provided

  • clear guidance for implementing the Cloud Ops strategy,
  • Monitoring Tools, and
  • a detailed plan for the Phased implementation approach.

A Delivery (POD) team was formed after the discovery sign-off to implement the migration plan. The group included a cloud architect, scrum master, full stack cloud engineer, cloud quality engineers, and DevOps engineers.

The team containerized the application and deployed it in Azure Kubernetes. The Azure environment setup was automated using terraform IaC pipelines. We also implemented Launch Darkly as a feature toggle to enable release on demand for future releases.

Technologies Used –

Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Services, Docker Containerization, Azure DevOps, Azure Data Storage Services, .NET Core Microservices, Azure EventHub, Azure Service Bus, Launch Darkly.

Key Services Provided –

  1. Cloud Architecture and Design
  2. Cloud Readiness Assessment
  3. Cloud Migration Roadmap
  4. Cloud App Refactoring and Rehosting
  5. Cloud DevOps
  6. Cloud Managed Services
Customer Outcomes

With our Agile delivery methodology, we were able to roll out the complete migration in 2 increments of 3 months.

30% decrease on infrastructure spend YoY

25% improvement in over application performance

80% reduction in tech debt with Workiy tech debt management methodology.

Release on demand – Faster release to the market

99.99 %

Improved Uptime and Reduced Risk to Business

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