A non-profit organization's website migration to Drupal 10: This case study focuses on how non-profit organizations migrated their website to Drupal 10 and the benefits to follow!


There are about 40,000 NGO’s in the world and roughly, only 92% of them have websites, out of which only 78% are compatible on smartphones. The numbers keep reducing as we read, reducing it’s accessibility as well.

Decoding how a Drupal 10 migration can make difference in an NGO’s website and meet their exclusive needs and help them reach out to a wider audience.

Most NGO’s (based on research) have been running on Drupal 7or Drupal 8 for their website for many years. They rely heavily on the website to communicate with their supporters, raise funds, and provide information about their programs and events. As Drupal 7 and then Drupal 8 were nearing its expiration of updates, the next best suggestion was to upgrade to Drupal 10 and make use the benefits it has to offer!

In the migration process, NGO’s face several challenges. Right from custom code and modules that needs to be updated to work with Drupal 10 to the amount of content that needed to be migrated, ensuring that their website remains accessible to people with disabilities throughout the migration process. Making it a seamless migration.

Overall, NGO’s play a major role in relief-oriented jobs that are purely voluntary. They help develop our community and promotes participation of societal services that uplifts everyone.

Business Problem

NGO’s in general, want to improve their website's user experience by making it more accessible and relatable. With the sites running on Drupal 7 or Drupal 8, it was difficult to navigate, which made it hard for users to find the content they were looking for.

  • Compatibility with existing custom code: NGOs may have developed custom code or third-party integrations on their existing website that may not be compatible with Drupal 10.
  • Data migration: NGOs may have a large amount of content and data on their existing website that needs to be migrated to the new Drupal 10 site.
  • Accessibility compliance: NGOs may need to ensure that their new Drupal 10 site complies with accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Training staff on the new platform: NGOs may need to train their staff on the new Drupal 10 platform to ensure they can manage the website effectively.
  • Budget constraints: NGOs may have limited budgets for website development and migration.
Our Approach
  • Team Workiy has collaborated with a couple of NGO’s to freshly build the sites with Drupal 10, as well as migrate to it.
  • We put forward our best teams to comply to the needs and strategize accordingly.
  • Upgrade from Drupal 7/8 to Drupal 10 - If the NGO is currently using Drupal 7 or 8, we’d recommend upgrade path to Drupal 10 is relatively straightforward.
  • Make use of the Drupal core migration modules to migrate their website to the latest version of Drupal.
  • Migrate from another CMS to Drupal 10 - If the NGO is using a different CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla, can consider migrating their website to Drupal 10.
  • This can be achieved by exporting content from the old CMS and importing it into Drupal 10 using migration tools and modules.
  • NGOs can opt for a clean installation of Drupal 10 and manually migrate their content, data, and custom code to the new site.
  • The search capabilities were enhanced by using advanced Solr search
  • NGOs should consider a phased or incremental migration approach, migrating certain sections or functionalities of the website in stages, mitigating risks and ensure a smoother migration process.
  • A hybrid approach combines elements of the above strategies, tailored to the NGO's unique needs.
  • For example, the NGO may opt for an incremental migration of their content and data while simultaneously upgrading their custom code to ensure compatibility with Drupal 10.
Customer Outcomes
  • With our proven strategies, we look forward to many an outcomes that benefit NGO’s.
  • Improved website performance - Drupal 10 is optimized for performance and scalability, which can help NGO websites load faster and handle more traffic.
  • Enhanced security - Drupal 10 includes the latest security features and patches, which can help protect NGO websites from cyber threats and data breaches.
  • Better content management - Drupal 10 offers a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for NGOs to create, edit, and publish content. This can help NGOs maintain a fresh and up-to-date website that engages their audience.
  • Increased flexibility - Drupal 10 is highly customizable, allowing NGOs to create unique website designs and functionality that meet their specific needs.
  • Improved accessibility - Drupal 10 includes accessibility features that help NGOs create websites that are accessible to people with disabilities, in compliance with web accessibility standards such as WCAG.
  • Better integration with third-party systems - Drupal 10 has improved integration capabilities that allow NGOs to connect their website with other systems, such as fundraising or CRM platforms, to streamline their operations.
  • Migrating to Drupal 10 can also help NGOs stay up to date with the latest web technologies and best practices, which can have a positive impact on their overall digital strategy.

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