Interior Health Authority

Interior Health Authority

Modernizing a legacy customer facing website to improve organic traffic and user engagement


There are a lot of healthcare information sites in the world today. But there is an equivalent number of sites that do not provide accurate and updated information.

Introducing Interior Health - your one-time stop for all your health-related needs.

The new website must provide a reliable source of healthcare information that will help people connect to the resources they need. This will help to establish Interior Health as a professional, trustworthy, and relevant organization.

The new website must be built for the future, leveraging new technologies, functionality, and design concepts. This will provide much easier access to healthcare information, increase community engagement, and develop content management workflows to improve the efficiency of content creation, quality of information available on the site, and overall user experience. Additionally, this will help increase brand awareness.

Interior Health helps you manage your heath all in one place, with accurate and updated information for any health related question or need.

Business Problem

Interior Health, a prominent health authority in British Columbia, collaborating with 40+ hospitals and health centers and a primary provider on healthcare information for communities in British Columbia, was running their main customer-facing website in a legacy SharePoint application with a traditional, not-so-intuitive user experience. Content authoring, management, and maintenance were extremely challenging for non-tech users. For such a content-rich website, the ability to search for information across the website was not very intelligent. Overall, the website needed UX and architecture modernization that will help improve the organic traffic and user engagement for Interior Health.

Our Approach

Our journey with Interior Health started with determining the right platform for their long-term digital needs and strategizing a user experience and architecture that will be adaptable to their evolving requirements. After thorough analysis of more than 100 parameters, like performance, SEO, content authoring, migration, maintenance, cloud hosting, onsite SEO, ease of use, flexibility, total cost of ownership etc, we finalized Drupal as the platform of choice.

Our user experience journey with Interior Health was no less interesting. Interacting with stakeholders from 10+ departments – leadership, marketing communications, IT, HR, content managers etc. – we built the overall strategy for the user experience and implemented the design with a thorough design thinking methodology.

In parallel, we carefully planned our migration approach from SharePoint to Drupal working closely with the customer’s IT teams. A complex set of entities interacted with one another. We built an approach that cleared up redundancies, improved overall content architecture and ease of ongoing content management. We also had to choose the best cloud hosting solution for the customer based on their long-term needs.

Once the user experience and migration strategies were finalized, the entire implementation was executed in a time-bound agile fashion. Multiple teams – migration, user experience, content, Drupal development, infrastructure – worked together and in parallel to successfully implement the entire website and launch the same.

After a successful launch, we took over the ongoing 24*7 maintenance activities as well. Ongoing maintenance was categorized into two major parts - regular maintenance and Innovation/Enhancements. Anything to do with the upkeep of the website was part of regular maintenance – Drupal updates, critical website functionalities, SLA-based critical errors etc. Anything to do with ongoing improvements were part of the innovation/enhancements category – new features, new user pages, additional enablers like chatbots etc.

Key highlights of this project included the following:

  • Complex content migration
  • Modernizing user experience
  • Form builder implementation
  • Optimizing Google API call rate for Google Maps
  • Scheduled content publishing
  • Expiry on alerts
  • Content workflow management
  • Media management
  • Page building/Layout building capabilities
  • Geo-location-based search
  • Advanced and intelligent content indexing and search capabilities
  • A fully agile and incremental execution
Customer Outcomes

With a powerful and modern UI, the overall organic traffic and user engagement improved drastically. Core performance metrics, social media engagement and key SEO metrics were also improved.


Improvement in page views

More Results Achieved

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