Interior Health, a Provincial Health Service in British Columbia, Canada, wanted to redesign their website and were looking for a partner that could help their team fulfil their objective.

There are a lot of healthcare information sites in the world today. But there is an equivalent number of sites that do not provide accurate and updated information.

Introducing Interior Health - your one-time stop for all your health-related needs.

The new website must provide a reliable source of healthcare information that will help people connect to the resources they need. This will help to establish Interior Health as a professional, trustworthy, and relevant organization.

The new website must be built for the future, leveraging new technologies, functionality, and design concepts. This will provide much easier access to healthcare information, increase community engagement, and develop content management workflows to improve the efficiency of content creation, quality of information available on the site, and overall user experience. Additionally, this will help increase brand awareness.

Interior Health helps you manage your heath all in one place, with accurate and updated information for any health related question or need.

Business Problem

IH wanted to improve their website's user experience by making it more accessible. The old site was difficult to navigate, which made it hard for users to find the content they were looking for.

  • IH website faced a high bounce rate due to poor user interface
  • Impact on the site traffic due to poor navigation throughout the site
  • The content architecture was outdated to meet the modern end user’s expectations
  • The site lacked better performance, resulting in poor SEO

IH wanted to improve the quality, availability, and dissemination of data

Our Approach
  • Workiy team helped IH to freshly build the site in Drupal 9 by migrating from share point CMS
  • We have extensively used our design capabilities to formulate a best-in-class user experience revamp using intuitive design elements with enhanced user-friendly search
  • Implemented XML site map to improve the visibility of the IH site in the search engine
  • Created pages by leveraging layout builder capabilities
  • Structured the metadata for the entire website
  • Implemented new content architecture to provide a holistic user experience
  • Workiy helped IH by ensuring that the business-critical functionalities healthcare stable
  • The search capabilities were enhanced by using advanced Solr search
  • Workiy was phenomenal in implementing proximity search. Geo-location feature was extensively used to detect end user’s location and automatically show the nearby health care facilities and services
  • The IH site was completely CDA compliant
  • Multi-lingual feature for applicable elements 
  • Facilities details, services, location, chain of hospital details, services data are handled, front-end display of content is managed
  • The entire site was compliant with the AAA accessibility standards
  • Workiy helped IH by providing a fully managed hosting service by implementing pantheon server
Customer Outcomes
  • Enable a low code platform to easily Configure and not Develop.
  • Empower non-technical users to create, edit and publish pages.
  • Enhance the content authoring experience.
  • Build an integrated digital experience platform by unifying varying content platforms such as Instagram, Google analytics, Google map, Solr search, Instagram feeds, etc.
  • The site was built with strict adherence to Drupal’s security policy
  • Workiy expertise in WCAG/CDA guidelines ensured predictable quality
  • Clear, inclusive, and seamless user experience which achieved positive results in a usability test conducted by the IH team
  • Established re-usability of the content including blogs, news, alerts, and videos
  • Reduce maintenance costs and delivery timeline by increasing reusability and process automation.
  • Implement scalable and extendable architecture
  • Create a highly secured platform adhering to industry standards and data compliance
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