Empowering children's emotional well-being


The current website is difficult to use and quite confusing to communicate the purpose of the organization.

Our redesign was an opportunity to show them how diverse the needs of their community members are and how committed we are to address each and every need.

Web design is about more than great aesthetics. It's about creating a usable, effective communication tool for your viewers that helps you achieve your objectives. In the case of Client, that means creating sites that reach more people with developmental and mental health challenges.

  • The Client is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and train individuals with autism and other developmental and mental health challenges. Their website provides information on Autism, as well as conferences, events, and ongoing trainings.
Business Problem

To increase user engagement and provide a better user experience, we need to make it easy for users to find conferences and register for them. We also need to reduce site maintenance time and improve the time it takes to update new content and events. Finally, we need to improve website performance and reduce website downtime.

Our Approach


Our updated information architecture is based on user journeys, making it easy for parents and professionals to find the information they need. We've also enhanced our event and event registration functionality, so users can easily save past activities and share them with others. Our intuitive social sharing capabilities make it easy for users to connect with each other, and our provider directory makes it easy to find the services you need.

In an effort to make the site more intuitive, we have completely re-designed our information architecture, which is the way a website's content is organized. The new framework is based on customer journeys, so parents and professionals can find exactly the information they are looking for. Additionally, we have improved our event registration functionality, so users can save past events and share them with others. The updated site has a cleaner design and is mobile-friendly, so you can access it from anywhere.

Customer Outcomes


Transforming the typical website experience into a personalized and engaging moment can be extremely difficult. The website landscape is constantly changing; with new devices, browsers and operating systems, it’s difficult to ensure that your website will deliver the intended design and functionality for all users. Each time updating or adding new functionality to your site, the experience is inadvertently changed for all users… and that’s exactly what we did.

It’s difficult to understand your users from a web log, but a session recording tool is a definite eye-opener. A session recording tool like Silverback can capture all the interactions that a user has with your website and then replay them in a simple way. It’s not necessarily easy, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.


Application Uptime

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