Spiced Pear Health

Spiced Pear Health

A Digital innovation for the menopause - A Woman health service provider


Spiced Pear Health is a digital health platform that provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help individuals achieve their health goals. Their team of registered dietitians and health coaches use advanced technology and behavioral science to create customized nutrition plans and provide ongoing support and guidance to their clients. Through their app, users can track their progress, connect with their coach, and access a range of tools and resources to support their journey towards better health. Spiced Pear Health aims to make nutrition and healthy living accessible and sustainable for everyone.

Spiced Pear Member Capabilities

Schedule Appointment - Choose available date & time between Mon to Fri 10:00 am - 6:00 PM and make payment to book your appointment slot.

Consult a Doctor - On the appointment date, your doctor will consult with you & provide care plan & prescription which you can access in your past appointments

Payment Gateway (Coupons) - Integrated with easy payment options with Apple and google pay with integrated coupon codes

Monitor menopause - Keep track of your menopause. Timeline view provides the historical data for you and your doctor to monitor your health data.

Pre consultation - Post appointment confirmation, complete your pre consultation task and upload supporting documents if necessary

Prescription and Reading room - You can simply visit spiced pear to view your  prescription, lifestyle, urogenital, HRT and Non HRT

Spiced Pear Doctor Capabilities

Doctor Calendar - Doctor can managed their availability and setup calendar for a period of one month.

Doctor Consultation Journey - Manage and complete consultation journey to generate care plan and menopause timeline

Task Management - Create and manage ad hoc task for referrals and blood results

Monitor / Greene score/ history/ Red flags - Keep track of your menopause, and historical data of HRT, Non HRT and redflags, Greene score

Authenticate Pre consultation - follow up - Validate pre consultation tasks entered by member for further follow up appointment.

Prescriptions and Leaflets - Provide leaflets for reading room, generate menopause time line.

Spiced pear - Menopause Timeline

Enter Menopause

The most common ailments during the perimenopause and menopause life stages are vasomotor symptoms—hot flashes or night sweats—but there are up to 34 symptoms that affect women in vastly different ways at different points throughout midlife

Care journey or expectation

An unique asset that will help women understand what to expect during this life stage

Grene Score

The Greene Climacteric Scale (GCS) is a tool we use to help identify where you are on your menopause journey.

Psychological health

Menopause is a psychological change (not disease) and women want to understand their symptoms to maintain and improve their daily lives.

Digital  MenopauseTool

Women will increasingly expect a comparable set of digital tools and services to support them in the menopause stage of life.

Recommended POD

Product Owner/BA : Hands-on agile experience mandatory - product management background. Strong business analysis expertise

FSE : Hands in user stories implementation. Contribute towards POC and enable development Responsible for day-to-day task execution Co-ordinate with Onshore-offshore teams

QA : Hands on automation testing and data setup for the POC and enablers Create & manage bug reports and communicate with teams Understanding flow of code and how it interacts with different components

DevOps : Inspect & Adap Review DevOps pipeline Enable CI/CD templates for the team Scum Master : CSM $ SAfe certified Scrum master Foster a culture of collaboration, creativity and innovation Use Rally, Jira as a tool to assist scrum team efficiency

Architect : Deep domain expertise of cloud application development solution (Paas, serverless, API Management) Application design patterns, micro services architecture, TDD, CI/CD

UI/UX Designer : Responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements. Their responsibility is to deliver an outstanding user experience providing an exceptional and intuitive application design.

Customer Outcomes
  • Product & outcome driven
  • Speed to market
  • Improved Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Resilient reliable application

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