Debugging and fixing issues in an iOS Native app – a detailed case study on the support & maintenance offered by IOS.


When an iOS app keeps been experiencing slow performance and crashes, As a developer,it  becomes your task is to identify the root cause of these issues and fix them.

An overview of debugging & fixing issues in an IOS app.

Any app, new or old, must be efficient enough to run through all the app traffic, multiple features enabled on these apps. And every app is designed to meet it’s unique requirements. Hence, when there’s a crash of issues, they are tailored as well.

By following a set of steps, you will be able to identify and fix the issues in any app. Then, what you will have is a brand new app that is stable and performs well. There will be reduced user reports about crashes and performs faster than before.

An overview of how Workiy’s team works on the debugging challenges for the applications and helps them overcome them with plausible solutions.

Business Problem

IOS support and maintenance is mainly ensuring that an iOS app remains functional, secure, and up-to-date. Listing down some common bug challenges faced by apps,

  • Limited information about the issues: Users report issues with the app, but they haven't provided detailed information about what they were doing when the app crashed or performed slowly. This makes it difficult to replicate and debug the issues.
  • Lack of access to user devices: As a developer, you don't have access to the devices of the users who reported issues. This makes it difficult to replicate the issues and debug them.
  • Complex codebase: The app's codebase is large and complex, which makes it difficult to identify the root cause of the issues.
  • Tight deadlines: An xyz app wants the issues to be fixed as soon as possible, which puts pressure on you to quickly identify and fix the issues.
Our Approach
  • Workiy expert team offers solutions and services to fix these issues that are understandable, user-friendly and also, what involves lesser risks.
  • Gather information - To gather more information about the issues, we can ask the users who reported the issues to provide more details about what they were doing when the app crashed or performed slowly. We can also use crash reporting tools such as Crashlytics or Firebase Crashlytics to get detailed crash reports.
  • Replicate the issues - Once we have more information about the issues, try to replicate them in a controlled environment. Use simulators to replicate the issues and debug them. If we can't replicate the issues on simulators, we can try to get access to a device that has the same configuration as the users who reported the issues.
  • Debugging - Use of debugging tools such as Xcode debugger, console logs, and breakpoints to identify the root cause of the issues. Look for any errors or exceptions in the console logs and try to understand what caused them.
  • Fix the issues - Once we have identified the root cause of the issues, fix them. It's important to test the fixes thoroughly before releasing them to the users.
  • Optimize the app - Identify any performance bottlenecks in the app and optimize them. This will help improve the overall performance of the app.
Customer Outcomes
  • Improved app performance - Regular updates and maintenance help ensure that the app performs well and is free of bugs, which leads to a positive user experience.
  • Enhanced security - Regular security updates and patches can help address vulnerabilities and protect user data, which builds trust and confidence among users.
  • Increased user engagement - By addressing user feedback promptly and releasing updates regularly, an app can maintain and even increase user engagement over time.
  • Better app store ratings - Users are more likely to rate an app positively if it is well-maintained and provides a good user experience, which can lead to better ratings and reviews in the app store.
  • Increased revenue - A well-maintained app that delivers a positive user experience is more likely to generate revenue through in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Future-proofing - By staying up-to-date with the latest iOS versions and technologies, an app can remain relevant and future-proofed for years to come.

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