Why Wordpress is a better CMS than other available systems??

Choosing a suitable CMS for your website is a crucial part!

It’s never been easier to build our own website or blog, but thanks to content management system(CMS) softwares, as most users/developers build a professional looking site within hours. With a CMS such as wrodpress, you don’t have to write code to create pages or posts, nor do you have to know any CSS or HTML to modify the look and feel of your site thanks to themes and plugins. They also provide users with powerful tools to successfully control multiple sites, integrate SEO best practices and much more. WordPress is a wise choice if you are considering self-hosted solutions. The open-source software allows anyone to edit its codePlugins enable users to add functionality without touching any code. 

WordPress is the most popular choice, but it’s not the only CMS out there. There are many on the market and now, we’re going to look at why Wordpress is a better choice than others!

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What is WordPress CMS?

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, powering over 20% of all sites. It is greatly supported by businesses large and small, with no discrepancies. A site that initially focused on blogging, but added new iterations and updating features and an expansive plugins library, the software is now a full-scale CMS and is frequently used to design powerful websites. WordPress is easy to use and has a fairly large developer/user community to support throughout.

Some of WordPress’s standout features include,

Easy to use - The installation process takes less than 5 minutes, and technical knowledge isn’t a necessary skill to utilize these features!

Add-ons - WordPress offers plethora of plugins, themes, and widgets throughout their site and many are free. This makes WordPress sites incredibly customizable and extensible. This versatile feature makes this platform a good fit for small to medium-sized sites and even bigger sites!

SEO Integration - WordPress CMS is particularly good at promoting SEO best practices. Users can take any plugin to optimize their content and analyse for keywords that focus.

Great support - There’s a huge community of support for WordPress users for tutorials, knowledge development, and troubleshooting. This community consists of wordpress users and developers.

Customizable - WordPress script lets you change the look of your site with a large pool of graphics templates, themes and many include optimized versions of the main site to ensure your content is consistent on all devices by adding plugins to the sites functions!

Main features in discussion – Why wordpress is a better choice!

  1. Easy to Use

WordPress is preferred due to its simple application interface. We can create a exclusive websites with WordPress, with or without technical skills. All we need to do is choose a theme and start adding in the content. Wordpress itself offers plenty of tutorials and support forums that are there to guide at every step. We can expand its functionality with various plugins and add-ons that you can find in the official repository. These plugins give us access to features that we solely desire to incorporate in our website. But for this to work efficiently, WordPress developers are the best people to create this for us!

  1. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is better than most CMS as it is SEO friendly, making it stand out in the market. Our websites are more likely to appear in search results, which can help us attract more visitors and even better client conversions! WordPress development services are tailored to our specific needs and goals. This comes with access to tracking the website’s progress, allowing us to make changes wherever necessary. This feature helps us understand the visitors on our website, their activities and what needs to be done.

  1. Free Hosting

Website hosting is a game changer and there are many platforms for this particular service. But if we want the best possible experience as users and for our visitors, hiring WordPress Developers to host your site is a good choice.

With developers, we are not only ensured a high level of security, but we have access to their skills and knowledge. They can work with us on our designs and layout to create something that meets our ideas and requirements for our dream website!

  1. Built-in SEO Tools

WordPress is the right platform if our requiremnts in a website, is that, it should help us rank high in search engines. WordPress CMS comes with built-in SEO tools that help us rank high in any search by potential customers. A full-featured CMS to manage our site efficiently. This free and open CMS platform allows us to source a solution in both a hosted version and one where we can host it ourself. This built-in SEO feature helps in many ways, such as

  • No need to bother about setting up your SEO
  • Cut down costs on hiring an SEO expert
  • Can avoid purchase of additional plugins or theme for SEO purposes
  • Can implement the latest SEO changes
  1. No Restriction

This feature of wordpress makes it the Best CMS, is fewer restrictions on the platform when it comes to designing and other functionalities. With personalization offered at every step, there is also good security which makes it very difficult for hackers to break through. We can use the existing templates on wordpress or even use a plugin that will make the design process easier for us, based on our choices, eliminating the need for advance coding knowledge.

  1. Plugins / Extensions Available

The WordPress CMS is so popular among developers is its wide range of plugins & extensions. We can always customise our site and explore the endless possibilities with it’s features that allows us to create plugins to suit our requirements.

  1. No Coding Skills

WordPress is highly user-friendly. It does not require technical skills or knowledge to operate this platform/ Many themes and plugins available, allows you to make changes with just a few clicks. And the support forum and user/developer community is always there to help us if we need any assistance.

  1. Anywhere Accessibility

WordPress can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. A simple log in can make changes to our website at home or on the go. A perfect feature for entrepreneurs to make quick updates on the site amidst their packed schedules. This flexible feature is a great option that attracts more users. Plus, the changes can be made on the mobile application version or even on the web as per our convenience.

  1. Huge Online Community Support

As the largest open-source project in the world, WordPress has a large pool of community of skilled developers. Whenever we need help with our site, chances are someone has already written a tutorial or guide on how to do it. These tutorials are made accessible to all to ensure we have enough help and guidance through the process. If we aren’t well equipped with SQL knowledge, developers are waiting to help us on the other end. The sheer number of development teams signify that there are plenty of options for us to choose from. This gives us access to talent across the globe and helps us discover fresh skilled people with a lot to offer, with no barriers.

  1. Free Tutorials & Training

There are many other great CMSs in the market, like Drupal or Joomla, but comparatively, wordpress is a better user-friendly system. Uploading and updating data on wordpress is easier than experienced on other platforms. This platform has a skilled team of professionals who keep their WordPress community updated through various blogs and videos and other help forums.

To summarize, Wordpress apart from being a good CMS platform, what makes it a go-to platform is their community. The support & help this community offers to it’s new users or existing struggling users/ developers, is impeccable and highly appreciated.

In Summary

The Wordpress CMS system is introduced on Workiy to provide feature rich deliverables & valuable services to our clients. We put our best foot forward when we assure you results & with our expert team at play, we promise you nothing less than what your business deserves.

Connect with our team today to discuss opportunities, possibilities & how you can acquire our services to make business the one!


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