Popular packages installed in Laravel that needs our attention!

Laravel has a pool of modules that work as packages with a list of views, controllers, or models. These packages are upheld and tested in Laravel Framework and can be re-published, re-organized and maintained version of ping pong/modules. The Laravel Package Manager gives fast but simple package administration for any Laravel projects that’s being developed. It permits us with access to rapidly install a package through composer and then automatically enrolls any or all Service Providers and Exteriors given by the package.

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What is a Package in Laravel?

Laravel is among the most popular frameworks for web apps and offers a simple and fast development environment. It has packages that let us add more functionality. These packages have routes, controllers, views, and configurations to improve a Laravel application. Laravel packages let you use different ways of accessing relational databases and perform dependency injections. At the moment, we have over 500+ Laravel packages that offer all the functionalities, from booking and travel to eCommerce and instruction. Laravel offers two packages: One is framework-independent (stand-alone), and the other is for a specific framework. One of the main advantages of using Laravel packages is that it offers us access all the framework’s features to its host application, including routing, migrations, tests, views, and numerous other useful features.

  1. Laravel Security Package

This popular development platform is considered secure, but comes with it’s own set of Pros and Cons. Which is why we introduce the use of Laravel Security Packages.

  • Authority-Controller

The developers like to use this AuthorityController library because it is a PHP authorization library. It is a library for Laravel that helps to restrict the users to access some data of the website. The developers have to define all the permissions at a single location so that they don’t face the problem of duplicate routes, controllers, and database queries.

  • HTMLPurifier for Laravel 5

HTML Purifier is a library that is mainly used by developers because it helps to remove malicious code. The developers will use different methods of HTMLPurifier whenever you want to clean up your HTML code during requests or middleware. It is a preferable choice for developers because it has high-quality security standards.

  • VisualCaptcha-Laravel

VisualCaptcha is a Laravel security library that developers can add when they are bootstrapping a Laravel application. This VisualCaptcha library is used by many developers because it is easy to install and provides better security options.

  1. Spatie

Roles and permissions form an important part of many web applications. And Spatie offers you the best permission package to manage roles and permissions. With Spatie, you get the following benefits,

  • Roles
  • Permissions
  • Direct Permissions
  • Middleware
  • Multiple Blade Directives
  • Artisan commands
  1. Laravel Email Packages

One of the most important features that any web application has to offer is sending consistent emails. This feature is used for accumulating feedback, and responses or even for sending newsletters. The mail ()PHP method is generally used by PHP- powered websites for sending emails. Listing below some of Laravel’s best email packages that aligns with the framework.

  • BeautyMail

Developers and marketers can create responsive with ease, using HTML emails with the help of BeautyMail. A template can be adapted from HTML email template collections just like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp provides. The Key functions of BeautyMail for Laravel include invoices, welcome emails, password reminders, data exports, etc.

  • Sendgrid

One of the most popular Laravel packages used for sending messages is Sengrid. It has it’s own tracking features, which makes it highly efficient. It provides insights about how many times a particular user opens your link and how many users opened the link and the number of clicks on your email. The key features of SendGrid include chat, notifications, analytics, API, real-time reporting, content management, customizable branding, and a contact database.

  • MailGun

MailGun is an email delivery service. This package makes it easier for Laravel developers for sending transactional emails from their website with an API. For safe and secure email services Laravel package is ideal. It provides additional features like tracking users who click the links provided in the mail. About 10,000 emails are allowed to send by MailGun every month. The key features of MailGun include Email Validation V4, Tracking Messages, Inbox Placement, Sending Messages, Email Validation V3, storing, receiving, and forwarding messages, etc. 

  1. Laravel Testing Packages

Finding a set of errors that are causing an application to malfunction that could lead to vulnerabilities, is the process of testing. Finding and correcting these errors is the process called debugging. Testing and debugging are essential procedures that must be carried out with the utmost care and accuracy for any online application. Some of the common and frequently used testing packages are,

  • Behat

Behat is a free, open-source PHP framework for behavior-driven development. It is among the best tools for test automation, deliberate discovery, and continuous communication. Behat enables programmers to start testing while running their Laravel applications. The key features of Behat include automated acceptance tests, browser-based tests without the need for browsers, and extendable to the core.

  • Laravel Dusk

Laravel dusk is one of the most potent Laravel packages for browser automation. Here. All tests are run end-to-end. But to simulate what a real user of the app would experience, it offers client-side testing by running tests in a browser. Allowing the developers to see the client-side features in real time. This package offers key features include testing APIs, virtual multiple browsers creation, and browser automation.  

  • Codeception

Laravel has an automation testing framework called Codeception. It is well-known for it’s strength as a package. It descends from PHPUnit, including key features such as functional tests, acceptance tests, and unit tests.

  1. Laravel Mix

This package was formerly known as Laravel Elixir, Laravel Mix provides a clean and rich Application Programming Interface (API) for defining webpack-build steps for any project. It is the most powerful asset compilation tool available for Laravel in today’s fast forwarding world.

  1. Laravel Backup

Laravel Backup creates an automatic backup of all the files within an application. It creates a zip file that contains all files in the specified directories, along with a clean dump of the database of the application.

These are some of the common packages of Laravel frameworks, that are installed and used on a frequent basis, that essentially proves to be of beneficial importance.

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