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Pantheon is a cutting edge WebOps platform through which developers and marketers collaborate to attain desirable results. As a site owner you will be able to maximize your capacity to perform updates on website designs and improve the functionality of the application. In the current market, companies compete on the basis of digital experiences, so Pantheon aims to enable web teams to work in parallel and iterate in real time. Pantheon is one of the best SAAS platforms out there!

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Pantheon onboarding & setup?

Get your business website up and running on the highly advanced Pantheon platform with the assistance of our expert team. We will help you with the organization and to configure sites answering all your pre-migration queries and we will stand by you through out the launch of your website on Pantheon.

You will also be able to extend your onboarding experience to include an complete introduction to various workflows, strategic help with continuous integration, site network set-ups or even terminus CLI setup.


  1. Adapt legacy code to a modern web stack.
  2. Extra professional help getting your first site on the platform.
  3. White-glove, managed migrations.

Pre-Launch Load Testing?

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  • Advanced ( eCommerce )

Say goodbye to launch day wars,

  1. Simulate traffic and use patterns at scale.
  2. load test your website.
  3. Review a detailed performance report.
  4. Identify areas for optimization.
  5. Deploy the resources necessary to succeed before you launch.

This process of Pre-Launch testing in Pantheon will greatly help reduce risks and enable you to take action to deploy all the resources you might need to make you achieve success even before you move to the site launch, making the process smooth when you do.

Why choose Pantheon?

  1. Serverless CMS

Pantheon is an open source serverless CMS that offers you all the enterprise-grade functionalities, while keeping your data within the security perimeter.

  1. Website Portfolio Management

Let our team help you manage, build and scale your webpage portfolio across all of your domains and brands. Custom streams.

  1. Managed Updates

Keep all your apps and websites updated on your users devices giving them the access to all the top rate and new features, whilst also performing app security updates and improving stability.

  1. Terminus Command-Line Interface

Terminus is a command line interface that provides advanced interaction with Pantheon. Terminus enables you to do almost everything in a terminal that you can do in the Dashboard, as well as scripting and much more.

  1. Structured Agile Workflow

Bring structure to scale your software development process by having an agile workflow.It comprises short sprints based on the end users' feedback from delivering small tasks in each phase. This allows the teams to respond to quick changes as they occur.

  1. Advanced Global CDN

Using pantheon we can easily manage customizations for groups of websites and applications, unlock various personalization features and perform targeted messaging at a highly large scale.

Carry out your most ambitious online goals with our advanced Pantheon WebOps solutions

  1. Migrations -  Our Pantheon migration experts offer you white-glove, managed migrations. We do all the heavy lifting for you.
  2. Managed Updates - Our development team will ensure that your site is running on the latest version of Drupal and WordPress core, as well as community-contributed modules and plug-ins.
  3. Custom Application Service - Engage with our experts to identify and solve complex issues. We learn the details of your business and provide in-depth, personalized consulting services.
  4. Advanced Global CDN - Allow our highly experienced engineers set up, configure, and maintain your custom edge configurations for growth through iteration, brand control, and extended enterprise security.
  5. Training - Let us help you speed up your development process and quickly onboard new team members with private product training tailored to your team’s needs.
  6. Pre-Launch Load Testing -  Our team load tests your site and reviews a detailed performance report with you to help identify areas for optimization.

Get the maximum value from the pantheon platform! Take a look at some of the advanced services that you'll benifit from of you choose to use Pantheon.

  1. Easy Web Development:

Our Pantheon services include a well organized and easy to understand web building techniques that help speed up your development process making it much more simpler and easy.

  1. Robust Webops Application:

These set of practices ensure smooth deployment, monitoring, and overall operation of complex, mission-critical web applications.

  1. Smooth Automation Of Procedures:

Workflow automation is a simple and quick way to achieve the outcome that you desire in an efficient manner, accurately, and consistently.

  1. Enhanced Web Content Publishing:
    We make sure that you are maintaining your competitive spirit by revamping your content and helping you stay in the competition. With updated content,  we help you cater to consumer demands in changing times.

In Summary

At Workiy, our top priority is to make sure that you get maximum value from the Pantheon platform. Whether you're beginning your first site launch or if your jumping right in to complex scaling and facing performance problems, our highly skilled development team will assist you and offer the best agile digital solutions.

Connect with our team today to discuss opportunities, possibilities & how you can acquire our services to make business the one!

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