Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a 365 degree overview of this dynamic CRM!

“Do more with less” is the ideal header for this Microsoft Dynamic 365!

With a CRM system as this, drive more efficiency, reduce costs, and create a hyperconnected businesses by connecting people, data, and processes across your organization and anywhere around the world! Like any CRM software, this system focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service sectors, though Microsoft, has been encouraging partners to use its proprietary customize it the process based on analytics.


What does Microsoft Dynamic 365 offers?

Categorized into 2, the CRM offerings are put in comparison for better understanding between the two!

  1. CRM Online
  2. CRM On-Premise

From a business functional standpoint, both the offerings offer similar functionalities. However, their implementation differs significantly.

The sole purpose of CRM’s is to provide a transformation service with it’s set of tools and integrated applications. Keeping that in mind, this application ensures the transition to a highly automated, fast, and effective customer service that supports,

  1. Omnichannel service desk processing requests from all digital channels
  2. Smart case routing to a free and/or field-specific representative
  3. Instant access to customer data for representatives
  4. User-friendly database
  5. Pre-made response inputs
  6. Configurable analytics dashboards

Similar to Zoho, Microsoft also hosts integration of third-party applications to ensure uninterrupted data flows & work progress. Though the integration plan will be custom made for every client, there is always a base plan for the datas that work universally keeping the best interests of the clients and the application!

We make this happen with couple of key points to focus at, that drives the Microsoft dynamics 365 more efficiently & productively for businesses alike,

  1. Customer touchpoints – Keep variable customer data ready to implement for the ultimate goal of a 360-degree customer view
  2. Customer Data Platform - Collects, stores and provides customer data to CRM apps integrated
  3. ERP - Supplies any product-related information needed for sales and customer service
  4. Accounting software - Controls and updates transactions that work within the business & is kept securely.

Now, as we progress, we understand that among all the Microsoft products, one of the products that is effectively making a difference is Microsoft Dynamics 365! Now, let us elaborate into more than we already know.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier for mid-market businesses and larger revenue businesses to engage with customers, team members, and potential clients. It is the only cloud-based option that offers what a company needs in terms of CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

It integrates and unifies all of the CRM applications, making the process more streamlined and aligned to business requirements. It provides you with the tools needed to improve the scalability, efficiency and the overall performance of the organization.

With both CRM and ERP technology at ease, in hand, it ensures clear & easy communications internally and externally!

The Ultimate goal of CRM is to alleviate the customer services and experiences. The Microsoft dynamics 365 brings together 2 great elements,

  1. Microsoft itself
  2. CRM application

Alongside this intelligence team together, bringing customer service and sales together helps to understand and predict customers’ preferences and makes it easier for potential clients to interact, communicate and trust doing business with. When these two solutions combine, what one can expect is,

  • Customer insights – can be used to improve their journey with the business better
  • Make mobile applications accessible for everyone and all types of devices
  • Offer clients an easy-to-use, self-service portal so they are aware of their access to control of their data and can respond quicky to situations, as and when required.

In Summary

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system is introduced on Workiy to provide feature rich customer relation management & valuable services to our clients. We put our best foot forward when we assure you results & with our expert team at play, we promise you nothing less than what your business deserves.

Connect with our team today to discuss opportunities, possibilities & how you can acquire our services to make business the one!


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