Are you an aspiring Laravel Developer? Here’s what you need to know about Laravel and how!

Laravel has grown in popularity globally since it’s launch. With over 1+ million websites using the Laravel framework, including 280,000+ websites. Laravel is an excellent framework for web applications, helping developers build projects with ease. This results in demand for Laravel developers over the years.

Laravel 2

Before we dive into details, let us walk through on Laravel and refresh our details!

Laravel is a development framework used to create websites and web applications. Laravel’s creator Taylor Otwell released its Beta version on June 9, 2011. Since then, there have been eight major versions of Laravel, including:

  • Laravel 2 - September 2011
  • Laravel 3 - 2012
  • Laravel 4 - May 2013
  • Laravel 5 - February 2015
  • Laravel 6 - September 2019
  • Laravel 7 - March 2020
  • Laravel 8 - September 2020
  • Laravel 9 - January 2022
  • Laravel 10 – February 2023

These are the list of updated versions that Laravel has had over the years. It is important for us to understand how all of these versions functioned and to be aware of the features each of these updates have to offer.

What is the work system of Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developers use to build websites. A PHP framework provides developers with a library of pre-programmed modules that they can use to create web applications quickly.

Essential facts to understand how the Laravel Framework works -

  • Laravel uses PHP, a scripting language and not a general-purpose programming language .
  • While scripting and programming languages are similar, scripting languages are platform-specific and compile at runtime, while programming languages aren’t platform-specific and compile during compilation.
  • While every developer has unique work habits, many find frameworks like Laravel faster to use.
  • Laravel uses MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture, a pattern that uses three components including,
  1. Model: The central component that defines the data and rules in a project
  2. View: The expression of the data and logic defined by the model
  3. Controller: The part that controls the functions, converts them to usable formats, and passes data to the view and model components.

Next, Laravel has beneficial features & developer benefits to it’s credits that make an impact on the applications that are made using this software’s framework.

  1. Complete authentication system: Helps developers work securely
  2. Object-relational mapping (ORM): Helps developers use tables more efficiently
  3. Library of modules: Developers use it to build apps without writing code
  4. Command-line interface (CLI) with pre-built commands: Developers use it for building, fixing, and testing their applications
  5. Automatic testing: Helps developers speed up the testing process
  6. Virtual development environment: Provides developers with a homestead and all the tools they need to build applications

Benefits of Laravel,

  1. Laravel is responsive and straightforward to use.
  2. Laravel provides developers with an inbuilt library of tools that reduce the amount of coding they need to do.
  3. Laravel is easy to learn.
  4. Laravel allows the developer to focus on their web application’s design, architecture, and functionality.
  5. Laravel has inbuilt testing and security features.

Now, what does a Laravel Developer do with access to all of these benefits?

Laravel developers work on building new web applications and maintaining them using this framework. While the developers work both individually and in a team environment, this work time fixing errors, building the apps step-by-step, implementing security measures, conducting testing, and writing code, designing your application’s architecture, consulting with users, and assessing each other’s work. Simply put, the responsibilities of a Laravel developer are diverse as it can get.

A brief insight on the responsibilities of a Laravel Developer on a day-to-day basis!

  1. Building New Web Applications Using Laravel
  2. Maintaining Current Web Applications With Laravel
  3. Debugging and Fixing Code Issues
  4. Performing UI Testing
  5. Producing Documentation
  6. Mapping Out the Architecture of Each Web App
  7. Designing Databases
  8. Build and maintain innovative and modern web applications using web development tools
  9. Build and test reusable and efficient PHP modules
  10. Write secular modular codes
  11. Perform backend and UI tests on applications to optimize performance
  12. Collaborate with other developers to fill data acquisition requirements
  13. Check that the HTML, shared Javascript and CSS across applications is consistent and valid
  14. Document entire process and plan
  15. Anticipate any changes during development
  16. Follow new industry trends and best practices in web development
  17. Convey progress of technical process to project manager
  18. Test, troubleshoot and debug web applications

While Laravel framework development is a plausibly good choice for developers who are inclined to building web applications and wants to expand their career in a robust field of work. By having a background in PHP or as a developer, we can transfer into a Laravel role by learning to use Laravel. The goal is to grow your PHP, database management, teamwork, and development skills to succeed as an experienced Laravel developer. And this is possible with a strong knowledge back up and the curiosity to learn and be aware of thee current upgrades.

In Summary

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